Content Aggregator

Content Aggregator™ allows businesses, organizations, and marketing & research professionals to access vital industry data in real-time. Keep a pulse on your industry, your competitors, or news in any industry or topic you’d like to research.

  • Transform any RSS feed into full text RSS
  • Powerful micro-service for web app/app development
  • 2-in-1 API with both RSS/XML and JSON formats
  • Compatible with CMS, including WordPress & Drupal
  • Scale as you grow with multiple plan tiers

Market Research Professionals

Content Aggregator™ allows you to aggregate full news story content so you can import into any software and filter via keywords and analyze any industry, market, sector, or topic.

Marketing & Public Relations Professionals

Content Aggregator™ allows you to monitor and share of the data that is vital to your business and industry. Add RSS feeds from your competition and stay in the know what they are up to.

RSS to Full Text XML/RSS API

Content Aggregator™ let’s you add RSS feeds, which contain headlines and a short summary snippet, and returns an XML feed in RSS structure with the full news story content. Perfect for RSS readers and analysis software.

RSS to Full Text JSON API

Content Aggregator™ let’s you add RSS feeds and returns the full news story content in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), perfect for API calls in Node, PHP, Ruby, Java and .NET.